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Chinese phonetic list . 2014.

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  • Xiqu — (‘theatre [of] sung verse’/sung drama/opera) Xiqu (often called ‘traditional Chinese theatre’, ‘Chinese music drama’ or ‘Chinese opera’ in English) is the primary genre of indigenous Chinese theatre, and the only major genre in existence prior to …   Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture

  • Xiqu — 1 Original name in latin Xiqu Name in other language Bahechuan, Pa ho ch uan, Pa ho ch’uan, Xiqu, xi qu State code CN Continent/City Asia/Chongqing longitude 26.60566 latitude 101.59828 altitude 1094 Population 0 Date 2012 01 18 2 Original name… …   Cities with a population over 1000 database

  • xìqŭ — [ref dict= Universal (Ch Ru) ]戏曲[/ref] …   Chinese phonetic list

  • Xiqu on television — While television has created and popularized new forms of entertainment since the mid 1980s, old forms of Xiqu (spoken drama/opera) are also using television to reach a broader audience and to adapt to more contemporary tastes. Most central and… …   Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture

  • Xiqu playwrights — One of the recent developments in Xiqu (sung drama/opera) is the increased emphasis on the role and importance of playwrights. In the past, most authors of the plays of ‘regional music dramas’ (difangxi), including Peking opera, remained either… …   Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture

  • Xiqu musical structure — Musical structure is the most fundamental aspect of music in Xiqu (sung drama/opera). There are two main styles of musical structure: the lianquti (‘joined song style’, also called qupai liantaoti, ‘fixed melody joined set style’); and the… …   Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture

  • Xiqu role types — (hangdang) Character portrayal in Xiqu (sung drama/opera) is based upon a system of role types. Each specific role type is indicative of a particular gender, age and level of dignity, and is distinguished by makeup and costume conventions… …   Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture

  • Pan Jinlian (1985) — Xiqu (sung drama/opera) Pan Jinlian., a Chuanju (Sichuan opera) by Wei Minglun, is a reworking of the story about this most notorious immoral woman in Chinese literature. Wei Minglun transforms Pan from an adulteress and murderer in classical… …   Encyclopedia of Contemporary Chinese Culture

  • 吸取 — xīqǔ (1) [absorb]∶用不同方法吸收 (2) [drink]∶采用, 采取; 得到 吸取教训 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 戏曲 — xìqǔ (1) [traditional opera]∶中国传统的戏剧形式, 包括昆曲、 京剧和各种地方戏, 以歌唱、 舞蹈为主要表演手段 (2) [singing parts in chuanqi and zaju]∶指杂剧和传奇中的唱词 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

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